Spinning® is a no-impact aerobic exercise program that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle and can be done by people of all fitness levels.  Our Spinning classes combine coaching, strength- and stamina-building, energizing music, cardio-vascular health, and a monster calorie burn.

Using music to motivate and coordinate, the instructor guides students through a series of hills, sprints, and jumps.  During the 50-60 minute class, the pace and intensity will vary – sometimes it’s fast pedaling on a “flat road” and other times it’s slower “uphill” pedaling from a standing position.  The instructor creates and orchestrates the overall group experience, and students themselves further customize their own workout experience by adjusting their pace or the tension knob on the bike.

Spinning burns serious calories (about 500 in 45 minutes).  It tones the quad muscles, the outer thigh muscles, the glutes, abs and arms.  It focuses the mind and pumps the heart.  It is an upbeat, invigorating, efficient, addictive and fun group effort.

Blazing Saddles
Susan Schwartz bought her first racing bike in 1995 – a beat-up old Battaglin that had been ridden in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. She hasn't stopped pedaling since. An accomplished triathlete and dedicated weekend warrior, Susan is a veritable adrenaline junkie. She's ridden to raise money for 9-11 survivors, earthquake victims, AIDS patients, and inner city kids. And when Susan's not tearing up the roads, she takes her passion indoors. After becoming a Mad Dogg-Certified Spinning® instructor and personal trainer in 1996, Susan's career in the fitness industry took off. Her infectious energy and undying dedication to cycling, nutrition and fitness has spawned a loyal and dedicated following. Today, Susan is one of the most accomplished and well known Spinning instructors in Los Angeles.

In 2002, Shirley and Steve O'Connor founded Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks. It was an endeavor born of a pure intention to be part of the community and a desire to bring generosity, friendliness, and ego-free, high-quality yoga to the neighborhood. The family business thrived and became a place of nurturing and community, unmatched in its authenticity. It still stands as a jewel in the neighborhood, and soars under the ownership and stewardship of their great friend and mentor, Peter Barnett.

Seeking more cardiovascular work to incorporate into their exercise regimens, Shirley and Steve began taking Spinning classes and very soon – and very enthusiastically – became Certified Spinning® Instructors. Then, just at the right time, they met Susan.

Shirley and Steve joined forces with Susan and opened Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling on December 1st, 2011.

Schwartz Family O'Connor Family

Why is Spinning so great?

There is no impact on the joints.  It's an extremely efficient calorie-burn.  You're out of here in an hour.  And anyone can be in class – regardless of fitness level – because students control the resistance knob on their bikes.

Do you rent Spinning shoes?
Yes we do - for $3 a pair - subject to availability.  If you don't have your own Spinning shoes, please always bring sturdy (not too soft) workout shoes, in case we don't have your size among our rental shoes.

Where can I buy Spinning shoes?
Try THE BIKE CONNECTION.  Ask for Felix.  He's walking distance from here, on the north side of Ventura Boulevard, just west of Woodman. 
Cycling shoes are cycling shoes – there are LOW-END shoes and HIGH-END shoes.  If you're an outdoor rider, you have additional needs – breathability, a lighter weight – and these enhancements will make a cycling shoe more expensive.  If you just want a BASIC SPINNING SHOE, they're usually between $90– $120.  Like the "SPECIALIZED" shoes we have on display at Blazing Saddles – these are 100 bucks.  Get a BASIC SPIN SHOE from Felix.  The LOOK or SPD cleats are $25 – he'll put the cleats on for you for free – mention BLAZING SADDLES and he'll give you 10% OFF!  He's got a pretty good inventory.  But if he doesn't have your size or style, he can get them in a day or so.
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Sun 10am-5pm
(818) 995-5788

You can also find much cheaper Spinning shoes on Amazon.com. You won't be able to try them on, but if need be, returning them to Amazon is pretty easy. Then just stop by THE BIKE CONNECTION to get your cleats.

I've got my own Spinning shoes – will they work on your bikes?
Our pedals accommodate LOOK and SPD clips.  And we've got cages for sneakers.

Will my regular bike shoes work?
Our pedals accommodate LOOK and SPD clips.  There have been some slight variations to the LOOK clips on outdoor cycling shoes, and those that have been made smaller will be too small for our pedals.  In this image, the gray LOOK clip - called a LOOK KEO - is too small for our pedals.  If in doubt, please bring your sneakers.

What if I'm not into outdoor cycling?
Don't worry, we love everyone.  And cyclists and non-cyclists alike love Spinning.

I'm new to Spinning.  What do I need to know?
Bring a workout towel and water bottle (no glass, please), or you can buy those from us. We also rent towels for $1.  Show up early so we can help you adjust the settings on your bike appropriately.  Wear sturdy shoes - solid workout shoes - please don't wear shoes that are soft, or your feet will be too uncomfortable in the pedal cages.  Also consider our "Beginner Spins" - which include bike setup and a shorter, 30-minute ride.

What is Spinning etiquette?
If you're new to Spinning, don't be late.  If you're a regular and you sometimes do your own thing, please do it in the back row.  It's distracting and disrespectful to be up front ignoring the instructor.  No cell phones and no earbuds or personal music players during class.  Wear deodorant and clean clothes.

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